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Coregasm #2: The Polegasm

This is a continuation of : The Coregasm

Boy’s first Coregasm

The most common way boys get their first Coregasm is while climbing a rope or pole when young. A Coregasm from climbing is sometimes called to as a Polegasm. And for most boys it was their first orgasm. Even though they don’t understand what is going on, they know they won’t more of them. The majority have their first instance while climbing the rope in Jr High gym class. And lots move on to climbing the swing set and clothesline poles, and even hanging on doors.

I found most of my information about Coregasm from Redit and other forums. Most of the folks who describe their first experience talk about how they thought they were the only one that this happened to. And a few tell about doing it together with their friends.

Puberty and ejaculation

So, before puberty, a boy can have as many orgasms as he likes, since he does not ejaculate and so has no refractory period which causes men to have to wait a period of time before they can orgasm again. Ejaculation can be a problem in the gym or in public anywhere. Guys talk about having to go around with sticky wet underwear the rest of the day at school. And then there is the problem of your cum leaking out of your gym shorts and onto the dudes below you. Awkward.

For a post puberty dude in the public gym, there can be the problem of showing an erection to your workout bros, accidently moaning, or getting a big wet spot in your bulge. But with practice and creative solutions such as wearing a condom to catch your man lotion, gym is a lot more fun.

And so here I give you a couple more Coregasm videos, the first also being a Polegasm.

It’s holding up the legs while hanging that causes the orgasm.

Polegasm03 powered by XTube

Classic pull-up Coregasm. There are 3 segments here. This would be a perfect video example of the Coregasm if it had sound. And it left out the slow motion. And it showed more of the body.

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  1. Anonymous 2016/11/14 at 4:07 pm #

    OMG that brings back memories. I thought I was the only one that happened to.

  2. Hosting 2017/03/18 at 12:05 pm #

    For females reading this, we have a short anonymous questionnaire we’d like you to fill out, whether you’ve had a coregasm during exercise or not. We’d like to collect some data to help us better understand how prevalent this phenomenon is in the world, what exercises may have a greater rate of occurrence, and whether it’s at all affected by pelvic floor dysfunction or childbirth.

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