The Coregasm

The Coregasm

The Coregasm is the orgasm one gets when exercising the core muscles, usually by doing some sort of core muscle exercise, such as pull ups or leg lifts. From reading everything I could find on the web about the subject it seems to be a bit controversial. A lot of guys are always questioning stuff if they cannot do it themselves. I assure you the Coregasm is for real, and here are some vids to prove it.

Can everyone get a Coregasm?

First off, not everyone can do it. It looks like around 10% of dudes (and women) can accomplish it. So, figure you probably know as many people who can Coregasm as you know who are left handed. And that’s WAY more guys than can suck their own dick until they blow a load in their own mouth.

How to get a Coregasm

Most agree that the core muscles must be exhausted and staining to trigger the orgasm. Apparently, women do it in yoga and aerobics all the time. Guys in the gym can Coregasm from all kinds off leg exercises and upper body exercises which trigger the core muscles.  And then those muscles must be worked hard until near exhaustion.

Do you get hard? Do you ejaculate?

Most ejaculate. Some guys get hard while others ejaculate without getting hard. The ejaculation can be a bit of a problem, so some guys avoid it at the gym, while others just go with it and hope none shows. I have also heard of wearing a condom so they don’t get wet, and no stuff ends up on the gym floor.

So, ever since I started getting interested in this, I have been watching the guys working out at my gym. I haven’t see anything obvious though. And, of course I have tried to try to get one myself. But so far no luck.

More info

Redit has some great information on the Coregasm (and also the Polegasm, a Coregasm from climbing a pole or rope). And here is an interesting article at Coregasms – Men Are Having Climaxes While Working Out At The Gym

Also check out Coregasm #2: The Polegasm


This is a pretty straight forward pull up Coregasm.

This second video contains four segments of which three are Coregasms but the second one is a classic hands free orgasm. I understand that the Coregasm and the hands free orgasm likely involve the same core muscles.

Watch the first segment carefully and you can see him cum twice.

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