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DIY – Home Made Orgasm Toy Using a Detail Sander


It doesn’t take him long to cum with this much stimulation. I did a Google video search and I think this is probably the tool he is using: A Rockwell Multitask Tool.The triangular lets you get close into corners. And apparently it can also give you quick orgasms. I have no idea, however, what he has tied to it with gauze. He obviously also used the gauze to wrap his tool onto the mystery tool.

So he turns on the switch and there is a lot of great moans. 35 seconds later he shoots his first squirts. I love how he stiffens up just before his orgasm. And like a good boy, then he pushes the top of the triangle hard into his frenulum and rides the waves for a while. This looks like it is very powerful. Be sure to not do anything to harm yourself with it. And as with all vibro orgasms, you body needs a few times for your brain to adjust. But when it does it feels sooooooooo good.03-multi-task-tool

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  1. Anonymous 2016/04/23 at 9:27 pm #

    He came so quickly. Must be intense

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