edging #1

Edging #1: What is better than your hand on your Cock? Someone else’s hand on your Cock.

This video has so much going on. So first it is an edging video. Edging is getting to the point where you almost ready to cum, usually through masturbation, but then stopping a split second before the point of no return. The technique is called Stop and Go, for obvious reasons. Getting edged by someone who knows what they are doing is one of the greatest pleasures in of sex play. It is intense beyond words to describe it here. It takes a good team. The dude getting edged, the Edge-ee, needs to be receptive and able to withstand this much pleasure. And he has to be able to communicate with the guy or gal edging him, the Edge-or.

Timing is important, because the closer you get to the Point of No Return without crossing over, the more powerful a dry orgasm you have. For most men, once you ejaculate, it is usually over, although some lucky guys can go for several consecutive orgasms . I have seen up to 6 times, but I am sure some can go way beyond that.

The restraint

The hands are usually tied because the urge to orgasm is so strong, the guy will push your away and get himself off.

The Flush Zone

If you have been around a few white people when they are about to orgasm, many turn red usually from the chest up to their face. There is no way they could fake an orgasm. You know the really amazing feeling you have just be fore you cum when it is so good you can hardly stand it? Yea, that is the place you see the blush and it continues through the orgasm and the afterwave. You are in the Flush Zone, and advertising it to everyone paying attention.

What I am getting at here is if you pay attention to this guy, you see the flush a few minutes in, where he is so close, but not quite, literally right on the Edge. And the Edger Dude gets him there and you can see by the Flush that he is in that zone the whole time after that. And that is the sweetest place a dude can be. A guy told me once that he hates to orgasm when he edges, because that’s the end of it.

The Afterglow Torture

So when finally allowed to have an amazing orgasm, the penis get way more incredibly sensitive than usual, and this guy gets a few minutes of it. If you are edging someone, this is something you should have your subject agree to before hand, because this is not something all guys universally enjoy.

And now on a personal note. When I was probably around this guys age, I met up with someone whot wanted to edge me and gave me the most powerfully insane orgasm that I had had up to that time. I went much longer than this session, but as in this video, he kept it up for another 1/5 minutes.  I could not control myself. I was screaming. And then something happened which I have never experienced before nor after. You know that feeling when an arm or leg falls asleep, and then there is that prickly feeling you get when it is waking back up? Well, the instant the guy edging me stopped, I got a really powerful version of that, but all over my entire body at once. And at the same time I experienced tunnel vision, and for a second I thought I was going to pass out. I was much better than any drug I have ever tried.

So when the Edge-or guy finally stops, the Edge-ee has that strange expression on his face, I wonder if he was lucky enough to get that feeling I was describing. Hopefully so. He will remember if for the rest of his life.


The guy doing the edging in this video is the notorious Cumcontrol101. If you have an interest in  edging videos, give him a search on XTUBE.


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