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Really, REALLY HOT Electro Session

I normally would not show a video without sound, much less one which moves at quadruple speed. But since there is audio for the orgasm, and I think it is hot, I am giving an exception here. To me, most of my electro sessions have felt like an orgasm in slow motion. Or rather, leading up to the climax in a slow steady climb of almost unbearable pleasure.

The audio starts at around 4:08 and there you have the last 39 seconds in the final buildup to detonation. So slow. So, so intense. I get really turned on in those last seconds as I watch the subtle movements of his body teasing him. I’d like to mention that during electro, after I cum, the head of my dick becomes 10 times even more sensitive, and I must immediately turn down the juice. This guy, though, seems to be riding out the torture. Ouch.


Electro Session powered by XTube

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  1. myfingerinyourbutt 2016/11/02 at 9:37 pm #

    I can’t get the hang of electro

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