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edging #1

Edging #1: What is better than your hand on your Cock? Someone else’s hand on your Cock.

This video has so much going on. So first it is an edging video. Edging is getting to the point where you almost ready to cum, usually through masturbation, but then stopping a split second before the point of no return. The technique is called Stop and Go, for obvious reasons. Getting edged by someone […]

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wife uses fleshlight on husband

Fleshlight Me – 2 videos

Here is another post about Fleshlight, but here dudes are getting is used on them by someone else. For the first video the name describes it perfectly: “Wife gives fleshlight HJ with post orgasm fun”. The second video is from Military Classified, where military guys get serviced, usually blowjobs, but this one uses the Fleshlight.

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