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edging #1

Edging #1: What is better than your hand on your Cock? Someone else’s hand on your Cock.

This video has so much going on. So first it is an edging video. Edging is getting to the point where you almost ready to cum, usually through masturbation, but then stopping a split second before the point of no return. The technique is called Stop and Go, for obvious reasons. Getting edged by someone […]

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Extrem-Spritzen vol. 02 cum wank

Put an egg up your butt

This dude puts a vibrating egg up his butt and gets off hands free in about 40 seconds. Vibrating eggs are like fat vibrating bullets, are inexpensive, and work really well and are available everywhere online and in all sex shops. There are so many to choose from: battery, USB, rechargable, remote control. You can […]

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